How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors from start to finish?

This depends on what type of polyurethane you are using oil-based or water-based. Oil-based tends to take longer - often 3-4 days plus drying time (longer if for larger jobs) and water-based tends to dry faster, so it's often 2 days (longer for larger jobs)

What if my hardwood floors are currently covered with carpet, vinyl, tile or laminate?

We will remove and haul away flooring materials that are currently on top of your hardwood as well as prep and/or repair the exposed hardwood floor for restoration. Some of our customers prefer to do this work themselves; others prefer that we do this work.

Is there a lot of dust when sanding the floors?

Not nearly as bad as it used to be because we have vacuums for every machine now. with our standard process, the dust goes into a vacuum bag, and we vacuum between each coat as well as add plastic to all areas not being done.

Can you change the color of the hardwood?

Yes, you can go from light to dark, or dark to light or anywhere in between.

What if we have pet stains on the floor?

We come across this often. If you have some areas that have pet stains or water damage (i.e. they have turned black), then the best thing to do is replace those hardwood boards and lace the new wood into the existing wood floor. If you have oak flooring, this is usually fairly simple to do (assuming you have a professional do the work - it's important to match the species of oak as well as grade and important to have someone with the skills to properly lace it in). From there, after you sand and refinish, the floors should integrate well and look seamless. Alternatively, you could do a process called water popping and choose a darker stain. This process typically will hide the stains very well.

What if there is damage to the floor or sections where hardwood is missing?

See above...this is usually very solvable as we can usually lace in additional wood, especially if you have oak flooring.

Will I need to move my furniture?

Yes you will need to move the furniture.

Where do I store my furniture?

Most of our customers use other parts of their home - areas that may have tile or carpet. Sometimes, you can move it to the garage. Sometimes, we can do the job in 2 phases to accommodate space for the furniture. A few of our customers use a storage container (such as PODS).

When can we walk on the floors?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before walking on new floor.

When can we put our area rugs back down on the floor?

We recommend that you wait 2 weeks after the job is complete before putting area rugs back in place. This allows adequate time for the floors to cure.